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The Mother Dearest Show takes place every other week. Mother and son join each other for a call where they talk about everything from mental health counseling services, social work, spirituality, and family history, building connections together.



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Ep. 15 Dec 29, 2021 42.1 minutes

I'll Give You Something to Cry About

Jacob gives a bit of update about his Ph.D. and where he is at in the process. They use the OSHO Zen Tarot deck to pull the 4 of Fire, Participation card. They talk about learning to be in the moment, Judy’s sister’s polio and her other sister that died of a brain tumor and the impact of that on their family.

Ep. 14 Nov 26, 2021 35.5 minutes

The Temperature Bacteria Grows In

Jacob and Judy use Rider Waite/Pathfinder Tarot Deck to pull the XI Justice and the Kind of Pentacles. They talk about the process of the new moon, and it is a time for planting seeds and thinking, and how Judy is working on slowing down. They speak of ecology and climate change, building relationships, building rapport with kids, and thinking about healthy eating.

Ep. 13 Nov 13, 2021 38.1 minutes

Responsibility and Freedom

Spend some time talking about Jacob’s next steps in working on his Ph.D.. They use OSHO Zen Tarot Deck to pull the Page of Water: Understanding card. They talk about the five gates of grief and Judy’s upcoming retreat she is facilitating. They also talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and a book relating the treatment of Black Americans in the US and various caste systems around the world.

Ep. 12 Nov 8, 2021 33.3 minutes

What Happens When They Drive Your Dream Car Off a Cliff

Jacob and Judy start off with some conversation about upcoming events and activities. They use the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards to pull the 8: Community (Tribe) Card. They talk all about forgiveness. How do we help clients learn to forgive, how do we forgive ourselves, and helping our kids learn to forgive?

Ep. 11 Oct 10, 2021 28.8 minutes

They Were On To Something with that Yoga Thing

Jacob and Judy use the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck to pull the Page of Fire - Playfulness. They talk about the values of playfulness and how hard it is sometimes for adults to have a real spirit of playfulness. They also talk about different seasons they like and having done martial arts in Jacob’s younger years.

Ep. 10 Aug 10, 2021 32.6 minutes

Letting Go

Jacob and Judy start their conversation by talking about the Mercury Retrograde and its effects on communication. They use the Pathfinder Tarot Deck to pull the Card the VIII of Cups and the IV of Wands. They go on to talk about how we let go and the use of psychedelics in treatment and personal growth.

Ep. 9 Jul 20, 2021 36.7 minutes

Opening a Portal to Connection

Jacob and Judy use OSHO Zen Tarot Deck to pull the 2 of Clouds: Schizophrenia Card. They talk about working towards oneness and interconnection. They also imagine the future and talk about what being in the age of Aquarius means.

Ep. 8 Jun 22, 2021 33.4 minutes

How Do We Figure out What We Really Want: Listening to Our Inner Voice

Jacob and Judy use The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck to pull the XVI The Tower_ and the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards to pull the 33 Chaos and Conflict card. They talk about times of transition and the principle of three. They also talk about motivation and how to help clients connect with some of their desires.

Ep. 7 Jun 8, 2021 28.6 minutes

Some of the Story of My Dad

Jacob and Judy use the OSHO Zen Tarot Deck and pull the major arcana card, II Inner Voice. We talked about listening to our inner voices and how that can look. Judy shares some experiences hearing/following that voice and other times that she did not recognize it. We also spent time talking about the story of Judy and my Dad meeting, starting their relationship, and what led up to the murders he committed.

Ep. 6 Apr 27, 2021 38.0 minutes

The Right People at the Right Time

Jacob and Judy start their talk by taking a couple of moments of silence to center themselves. Judy pulls the number eight - tribe from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. They talk about seeing the needs within a community and ourselves and what it is like to start new things. Judy shares about some of the community organizations she has helped create.

Ep. 5 Apr 10, 2021 27.1 minutes

Completion is Not Final, It's More of a Phase

Jacob and Judy pull the Major Arcana card XXI Completion from the Osho Zed Tarot deck. We decide that completion is not always about the specific result but is more of a phase that we go through. There can be many completions that happen. We talk about the need to slow down and look at Judy’s morning ritual as a way of centering herself and connecting with the land. We also discussed our Indigenous ancestors and the land we live on, and how we should be honoring those that came before us.

Ep. 4 Mar 21, 2021 31.5 minutes

Knowing Ourselves - As Change Agents How We Keep Ourselves Unstuck

Jacob and Judy use Pathfinder’s Tarot deck to pull the Fool Card. They talk about the somatic Writing Class that Judy is taking. As a part of the class, she wrote a short Mantra she shared, following the same format as one Amanda Gorman described using. They also talked more about personality and how our parents impact our temperaments.

Ep. 3 Mar 7, 2021 29.7 minutes

The Breaking and Breakthroughs in our Lives

Judy and Jacob pull the Major Arcana card, breakthrough. They talk about Judy’s time after the Convent in Portland, the breakthroughs and challenges we have in our lives. Judy tells a story about getting into a scary situation while working in a psychiatric unit. We also talk about how experiences growing up can impact us and the need to identify what is happening in our minds.

Ep. 2 Feb 21, 2021 27.1 minutes

Connecting with the Divine - Spirituality and Systems Thinking

Jacob and Judy pull from the Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards and get Yang card. We talked about the Course of Miracles, Judy’s time as a Postulant with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. We also talk about silent retreats and connecting without ourselves and systems U-Theory for systems thinking and co-creation.

Ep. 1 Feb 7, 2021 24.6 minutes

Our First Episode - Tarot Cards and EMDR in Counseling

Jacob and Judy record their first episode of this podcast. We pull the Ace of Water: Going with the Flow from the Zen Tarot Card deck. We talked about using Tarot style cards in individual mental health services, along with her use of EMDR with clients who have a history of trauma.

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